Health & Disease
Companion Pets for Vets / Shepherd Outreach Committee

This is a three part project:

  1. Companion Pets for Military Vets, where Rotarians will help facilitate and offer financial support to veterans who wish to enhance their lives by adopting a dog. Atlanta Humane Society,
  2. Community Outreach, where on the First Thursday night of the month, we take Mellow Mushroom Pizza to the Vets at Shepherd Center's SHARE.
  3. Community Outreach, where on the Second Sunday of each month, guests from the Shepherd Center’s SHARE initiative will be our guests at the Atlanta Humane Society, where they can enjoy time in the community and have the therapeutic benefit of time with dogs or cats.

Committee Members

Kari KirkleyKari Kirkley
Candace KleinCandace Klein
Susan SmithSusan Smith
Steve AlexanderSteve Alexander
Sam AlstonSam Alston
Bill BarneyBill Barney
Blake BeyerBlake Beyer
David BockelDavid Bockel
Duvall BrumbyDuvall Brumby
Michael CrandalMichael Crandal
Tom CromartieTom Cromartie
Elizabeth GillElizabeth Gill
Geoff GillGeoff Gill
Mark JohnsonMark Johnson
Rebecca JohnsonRebecca Johnson
Bill KnightBill Knight
Cathy LaMonCathy LaMon
Susan MasonSusan Mason
Kay QuigleyKay Quigley
Jeff StubbsJeff Stubbs
Robert TretschRobert Tretsch