Introducing Rotary to the Next Generation


Olympic bobsledder Elana Meyers Taylor brought her silver and bronze medals to Buckhead Rotary’s June 17 Club Meeting -- “Bring Your Kids/Grand Kids to Rotary.” Elana is also president of the Women’s Sports Foundation and she was the featured speaker, along with Aleia Taylor, the Foundation’s CMO.

This Club meeting was planned by the Women of Buckhead Rotary as a “show and tell” to expose the next generation to Rotary while learning about perseverance, sports and leadership. Buckhead Rotary members brought their sons, daughters and grandkids to the meeting – ages ranged from 4 to 19!

Elana spoke about achieving goals and leadership and talked about how she played college softball with the goal of being a softball Olympian. But before she could try out, the sport was dropped from the Olympics. She learned to bobsled and fulfilled her Olympic dream, three consecutive Olympic medals in the sport.

The “next generation” of Rotarians got to hold a medal and have their photo made with Elana. Well, so did some of the Rotarians! And actually, there were two Olympic bobsledders present that day, as Elana’s husband, Nick Taylor, joined her at the meeting.